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Why is it necessary to focus on Personal Development?


With our ever-changing society, as individuals, we need to develop ourselves to ensure we remain relevant in our industries. This can include:


  • Broadening your knowledge base with new technologies and news in your sector
  • Take an additional course in relation to the work you are doing in your current role
  • Volunteer in an establishment to gain experience which will be valuable to your CV

Even if you are not currently employed, this is the time to use to further your knowledge by reading articles, taking short courses, and even volunteering in an organization to gain experience; Experience is invaluable and relevant because it adds to your personal and career development.

When potential employers look at your CV, they will not concentrate so much on the fact that you are unemployed. What they would be more interested in is what you did in that period of time to develop yourself further.

It demonstrates the unspoken attributes you have and determines whether you are able to conform to the working class culture.


   We all aim to be better and regardless of our age and the stage we have attained to in life, we always learn something new as long as the earth continues to rotate. Aim to be better than you were yesterday by doing something or learning something which makes you more knowledgeable than you were yesterday.


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