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What type of workplace culture is right for you?


It’s important to consider workplace culture during your job search. Why? Because an environment where you feel welcomed, at ease, and encouraged to do your best is conducive to your overall performance and productivity, as well as your happiness. Just as a society has different groups within it, an organization has different cultures. The culture working best in the workplace depends on the business and how it is led. Trying to operate the wrong culture under the wrong leadership can often lead to problems within the workplace.

Although every company has its own unique workplace culture, here are four types of work culture and how to hire for each of them.

Creative culture is one where thinking outside the box is encouraged and new approaches to problems are acceptable. Fostering a creative culture means finding the right employees during the hiring process and bringing them into the organization. It also means allowing the creative members the chance to explore creative solutions and ideas, without constricting or confining them

Entrepreneurial culture, where employees are expected to work autonomously, with little to no supervision. People who do well in this kind of environment are independent, resourceful, and focused. Possess the ability to set goals, make plans for achieving them, and execute those plans effectively.

Collaborative culture encourages workers to find ways to find common ground for the good of the company, and having its employees work together allows it the opportunity to overcome obstacles through company teamwork where high value is placed on collaboration.

Changing the culture, where employees need to be driven, adaptable, and resilient in order to help the company navigate a transitional period. This is a good fit if you’re agile, have a growth mindset, and are able to turn negatives into positives.

If you’re not sure about a company’s workplace culture during the hiring process, simply ask the recruiter or hiring manager for more insights. Then, by combining what you’ve just learned about the different types of culture with your knowledge of your own values and beliefs, you’ll be in a better position to accept a job in an environment where you can thrive.


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