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Ways to Encourage Work-Life Balance for Employees


Do you work to live, or live to work? The idea of work-life balance has come to the foreground in human resources over the past few years as managers recognize the value of happy employees. While most employees would like to achieve the perfect balance between a successful career and a fulfilling personal life, they can’t do so on their own. They need the help of a company that promotes individual happiness as well as a strong work ethic. Many employees are living such a competitive fast-paced lifestyle that they often do not take a moment to step back and realize how their lives outside work are being affected. Here are a few ways you can help your team find a great work-life balance:

Encourage your staff:

Many of your best employees will be constantly aiming for perfection at work, but this behaviour, although carried out with the best intentions, can leave little time for themselves. If staff are experiencing conflict in relationships due to an unhealthy balance between work and life, it will eventually result in a drop in motivation, performance and they may even feel to leave the organization if the situation becomes tough.

Promote Flexibility:

Flexibility is still an area of concern for many employees. Far from just covering flexi-time, part-time or virtual working requests, many employees have personal circumstances which require a degree of flexibility to enable them to fulfil their commitments both inside and outside of work. It is important to create a culture where employees feel there is flexibility in their working schedule to avoid them missing out on key life moments and responsibilities.  If employees feel they work in an understanding workplace they are more likely to be loyal to your organization, and give much more in terms of productivity, increased morale and longevity of service.

Implement Time Management Skills Training:

One of the biggest causes of stress in the workplace is poor time management, which is why it is important for organizational teams to actively ensure that appropriate training in time management is provided to all employees. Equipping staff with the skills they need to better manage their time, will result in a much more productive and less stressed workforce, this will also promote a better work-life balance and a reduction in instances of working late to catch up with excessive workloads.

Set an example:

One of the most powerful ways to influence your employees and encourage them to seek out a better balance between home and the office is to make yourself an example. Try to set some limits on yourself and your work habits, if you’re trying to help your employees thrive and have fulfilling personal and professional lives, start by looking inward.

A healthy work-life balance boosts employees’ moods and gives many that much-needed break and stress release, subsequently increasing their productivity and effectiveness at work which ultimately benefits your organization. Achieving a work-life balance is important for everyone. By implementing these techniques, you will find yourself looking at a happier, and healthier staff.

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