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Tips on Rebranding your CV

Tips on Rebranding your CV

Most often, job seekers tend to be frustrated about applying to several places and they aren’t getting a positive feedback or no feedback at all, it could be more frustrating when you know you have so much to offer, but how would the employer know if your CV isn’t convincing?

Are you tired of looking for a job, tired of getting the same result?

Peradventure your CV might be the problem. Your CV is your selling point, and should be a reflection and detailed information of you and your achievements so far, it should be attractive and captivating.

Your CV should be able to tell your story.

The role you are applying for, should serve as a guideline for how your CV should look like. Imagine applying for a job as a Graphic Artist, all that your potential employer is interested in, is your portfolio i.e. your pictures and graphics of previous jobs, so your CV should be more of pictures and graphics and not so much of words, it has to be visual! Same goes for an animator or an artist. For a more professional position, it requires documentation and detailed information, so while applying for a job, your CV has to suite what you are applying for!

These are few guidelines that would help you in having the right CV
  • Let your CV be convincing, don’t just say I have achieved this or that, you have to outline and demonstrate how you used your various skills and the results you got!
  • Provide well detailed information, outlining what you have done is cool, but you can go out of your comfort zone and give a detailed information, it could be a short story that explained how you were able to achieve a particular goal.
  • Know your style, you have to decide on how you want your CV to look like and the impression you want your employers to have when they see it, this is very important. Imagine you as a sales rep, your CV has a progression from where you started, what you have done and what you hope to achieve in a well detailed and yet exciting style, that would definitely give you an edge.
  • Let your CV reflects who you are, what you are and what you hope to be.

It is important, that your CV communicates to your potential employers, it should be convincing. Take your time and get creative with your CV but be professional about it.

You can also get professional help with your CV for the type of look that put you in front of the right employers.

You might just be a click away from your dream job!

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