Tips on finding a job online in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.

Job Hunting Article- Tips on Finding Jobs online

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Finding Job can be frustrating and exhausting, after series of futile search,  you must understand that the world has become  global  and most recruitments now happen online and as a job seeker, you have to take advantage of today’s technology and get your dream job, join the social trends and see what works for you,  then do it. There are faster and easier ways to get jobs these days, whereas people still complain of unemployment, you can actually get that dream job online, you just have to put the right things in place, like networking, using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and also building your profile with  career sites.

Here are few tips on how you can get jobs online

Create your profile on social media

First, create a LinkedIn profile and update your profile with a professional photo, experience, education and interest. Your profile should be completed and be appealing to anyone that visits your page, make sure your page explains your career goals and experiences. Target contacts that are relevant to what you do and network with people too. Update your profile regularly and actively participate in online conservation, This applies to both Facebook and Twitter too.

Build your profile on a career site

Secondly, build your profile on a career website like Bridgegap Careers

BridgeGap Careers help job seekers and employers get connected, we post available vacancies daily on our site,  send weekly newsletters on available jobs, offer services like CV packages, most asked Interview Questions, and training. Create your complete profile on Bridgegapcareers, and be assured that your dream job is on the way sooner than expected.

Networking and Online Engagement

And lastly, connecting and networking with the right people, engaging in conversations, telling people about your need(job hunting)  and also referring or reporting available jobs to your contacts,  even though it’s not beneficial to you, someone might benefit and return the favour by posting what you might need.

Getting Jobs today, especially online is all about networking and connecting with the right platforms and people.

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