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Steps to Acing a Job Interview


Many job seekers get nervous the night before an interview. It’s not uncommon to worry about not being able to answer all the questions, wonder whether the interviewers will like you, or fret that you might forget to bring something critical on interview day. However, you actually need to take time to really prepare for it, and with a bit of preparation, you can set yourself up to feel a lot more relaxed.

Here are some tips that could help you

  1. Research: Don’t just do basic research about what the company is into. Take that extra step to know what new products and services they are launching or have launched. These can be found on their website or other platforms.
  2. Understand the Role you are being Interviewed for: The job description only stipulates what the role will require you to do. Have you asked yourself what skills you’ll need to have, to do the job successfully? And how do I show this in the interview?  For every question, you are asked, answer and give examples using your current or past experience as a reference.
  3. Prepare Questions to ask the Interviewers: This shows them that you are really interested in the organization and not just looking for any job. Your questions could be about the role, performance management or career development within the organization.
  4. Be Punctual: Always plan your outfit and your journey. Leave plenty of time for unexpected traffic or any delays. Arriving at an interview late, flustered will leave you feeling unprepared and nervous.
  5. Be Confident: Always be precise and to the point with your answers. Rambling can be seen as a way of avoiding the topic. Answer the question, and make reference to explain your answer.
  6. Follow-up: After the interview, thank the interviewer for their time, extend a firm handshake, and send them an email afterwards, this highlights your seriousness about the job.

Give yourself the best chance possible to land the job by starting to prepare for an interview as early as you can, preparing your answers to common interview questions and getting a good night’s rest before the interview. As the saying goes “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.


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