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Social Media Influence on Employers and Job Seekers


Social Media has become a very powerful tool in today’s world, it is almost impossible to do anything effectively without using social media,
It is no news that most employers recruit majorly online either with the help of a career sites or a simple job posts on their social media platforms. Most employers scoop through the social media profile of their potential employers to look for useful information that supports their qualifications for the job, what other people are posting about the candidate, however some employers might check your online activities.
So as a job seekers, with different trends on social media, there has to be a sense of self-consciousness while engaging in online conservation. You have to be smart and diplomatic on what to say and what not to say, like a popular saying ”internet never forgets” inasmuch as you have the freedom to air your opinions online.
These are some things that can discourage an employer
When a candidate post shows inappropriate photographs, videos or information.
When a candidate post shows information about them drinking or using drugs or linked to any criminal behavior.
When a candidate post is based on racism, gender or religion discrimination.
When candidate bad-mouth their previous company or fellow employees and share confidential information.
When candidate lied about qualifications and has poor communication skills.
You can use social media to your advantage, there are cases where an employer hires a candidate based on his/her social media network. Use social media to showcase your creativity, professional qualifications, great communication skills, and personality.
The bottom line is think before you post, because there’s always someone watching. Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t be proud of.
Be active and join relevant conversations.

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