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Sharing Personal Goals and Dreams with your Boss

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Many job seekers go for interviews and are asked about their long term goals, dreams, aspirations, etc. Many times we all go about telling the interviewer about our plans for the future.

Is it really good to answer this question honestly? Or do we just answer based on what we think the interviewer needs to hear or should hear? Some people scale the interview process with any answer they give but face challenges when asked the same question on the job.

Is it advisable to tell your boss about your dreams and goals? Many people’s goals are really to take over their boss’s seat, while for others it is to become the CEO of their organization.

Below is a real situation of someone very passionate about his job.

My boss is a visionary. She manages six other departments apart from mine and controls a huge part of the organization. She and I developed a good rapport when I joined the organization.

After my first performance review, she was very impressed and called me for a meeting where she expressed her gratitude on my work ethics.

In the meeting, we talked about her career plans, my career plans and our families. It was a very warm and collegial meeting. My boss said she was thrilled to have hired me and was very glad to have me on her team.

Fast forward six months. Now both my individual and team’s goals have been ratcheted up so high that I honestly don’t think anyone in my position can reach them. I think this happens in every organization; once you perform outstandingly you have to keep making the impossible possible.

My boss seems to have changed for the negative after my second year on the job. When I go to her for assistance she says things like “Too bad — if you don’t like the job, I’ll find someone else.” She pays lip service to my suggestions for improving our processes and won’t agree to anything specific.

I started wondering if she is trying to get rid of me? My morale is in the tank.

My manager and I had a heated discussion last week. I said “I’m trying to reconcile what is going on now, with so much criticism from you and so little support, with our wonderful meeting at my one-year review, when you told me you were thrilled that you hired me.”

I guess she was surprised that I remembered her saying that. She said “I’m not sure I said ‘thrilled.’

I said “that is good to know and something worth talking about, because if you are not thrilled that I’m here, why am I here? I want to thrill my boss and be thrilled by my job, as well. I assume you want your managers to thrill you, and if I’m not doing that, we should get it out on the table.”

My manager said “I don’t know if you really care about thrilling your boss, do you? You told me at the meeting that eventually you want to have your own company — so why should I invest in you?”

I had forgotten that I had told my manager at our pleasant meeting that one day I would want to be an entrepreneur.

I have years to do that and I’m not in a rush. Did my disclosure about my long-term career plans turn my boss against me? Was I wrong to tell her that I want to work for myself at some point?

Do we then let go of our dreams and goals or we just don’t share with our bosses

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