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It’s hard being an Entrepreneur


We all start businesses because we wish to be our own boss, solve a problem and create something new. According to Bloomberg 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18months. This is so true. I can’t stop asking why? How did the likes of Coca-Cola survive for so long?

I have started several businesses that failed over the years.

I once I reached out to the bank for a loan to start my business. I remember the manager looked through my documents and said in a low tone “Mr. Kevwe this is a very good business idea that may really thrive, but unfortunately the Bank policy states that we should not give start-up capital…but nevertheless you can come back in five years and maybe by then your business would be at its peak, we would have no option than to finance it”. I don’t think I can or will forget his response in a long time. I was so downcast and sad, I left the bank wondering if I will ever achieve my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. That idea just died a natural death since I had tried all available options before even resorting to the bank.

Well as someone who wants to make an impact, I tried another business. This time I was told by a friend to start fish farming. He told me it was easy and that he would guide me. I believed him since he was into the same business. After investing so much into the business, my friend became unavailable almost all the time. I ended up hiring someone to tend to the business while I manage the affairs. But right under my nose, they were stealing the fish and they will come up with all sort of stories. Very quickly I ran into debt. This taught me not to even think of going into any business without first acquiring the right skills

I didn’t give up so I started another business, this time I went into frozen foods. Because I didn’t want to fail in this business I did my research well. I even went to shadow an existing Frozen food just so I won’t fail in this business. The business starts off so well and everything was good. I was so happy and I became one of the biggest in that area until PHCN took power for over a month and even with generator almost all the items got spoilt. I lost a lot of money. Now this business failed because of the power issue.

Running a business is just difficult.

What’s your entrepreneur story?

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