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How to Increase Your Chance of Getting a Job

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During your job search, it’s common to believe that your job applications are being overlooked. Getting a job in this economy is no easy challenge. You may not be able to land a job even after weeks or months of your job search, this is because most job seekers are using specific strategies to stay ahead of the competition. The more time it takes to look for a job, the more frustrated you may become.
With this few tips, you can increase your chances of getting a job.

• Be Creative When Writing Your Resume: It is very important to be creative when writing your CV. Make it look impressive. A sharp resume focused on how your experiences and skill-set makes you a perfect fit for the job will help you stand out from the crowd

• Do Not Ignore Your Cover Letter: Most job seekers tend not to write a cover. However, your cover letter is the highlight of your application. It showcases your personality and complements your CV. This helps recruiters determine if you are qualified for the job or not.
Write your cover letter in such a way to communicate your skills and passion for the job.

• Emphasize Your Strengths and Accomplishments: Don’t make the mistake of creating a resume that looks like a job description. Increase your chances of being hired by spicing up your resume; emphasizing on your strengths and accomplishments by showcasing key achievements after every job description.

• Research about the Company: Read through the company profile, learn about their line of business, find out what they want from a potential employee, assess existing staff and their work culture. Doing this will help you come up with the questions you are going to ask during the interview and also convince the company that you are the perfect fit for them.

• Take Advantage of Networking: Building a network of contacts by making contacts that will help you land your next job more effectively and quickly is very important to support and develop your job search. You can do this via LinkedIn or attending Networking events. It may also help meet someone who’s already working at the company you are targeting to help provide leads on job openings.

The job market is competitive, if you do not want to be left behind, you need to have an action plan to increase your chances of landing a job. Build your Network, Work on your CV, Think of ways to impress your ideal employer and grab every opportunity to show them that you are the right person they need.

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