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Career Tip: Failure to plan is planning to fail

What Could Happened When You failed to plan

Opening my eyes and noticed my alarm on the floor, apparently I didn’t hear it ring as I was deep asleep due to tiredness from the bulk of orders I had received the previous day. Oh Lord, it was 8:00am already. I dashed out of bed, hurriedly prepared and started my day.

As a courier agent, I get items from different clients and ensure they are delivered to the addresses of their customers within a specific time. It was Valentine’s Day and I had quite a number of deliveries to make, as seasons like this comes with lots of orders. I didn’t make proper plans on how many items I could deliver on this day. Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.

The day couldn’t get any worse, with my hands full of items to be delivered. I didn’t consider that most routes I plied would be jammed, as I got caught up in traffic on Eko Bridge on my way to Lagos Island causing me over 2 hours delay. Why didn’t I put all this into my schedule? There where alternative routes I could have taken.

By the end of the day, I was able to have delivered only about 80% of all items with me. I got a call from a new client saying I made a wrong drop off to her customer who is very disappointed with her, she showed her disappointment and said she would not be using my services anymore. So I just lost a client, not forgetting that I still had items yet to be delivered. “What a day…” All these happened because I failed to plan. As the popular saying goes, “he who fails to plan, plans to fail.”

Everyone has a set out personal daily task, goal or organizational project they intend to achieve over a period. These can’t be achieved without having laid down steps and procedures which translate to Plans.

Have you had a task which you failed because you failed to plan?

How was your experience?

Did it cost you anything?

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