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Efficient Tips for Recruiting and Sourcing


Much like people, every business is unique, and this extends to how companies source, engage and hire candidates. Some businesses do group interviews, some prefer to use text messages, and others enjoy more traditional methods like posting on job boards or advertising in newspapers. But no matter what a company does, no talent acquisition process is perfect. There’s always room for improvement. If you want to make your sourcing and recruitment efforts more efficient, follow these tips:

Build a Reputation for Excellence

One of the best assets any business has at its disposal is its brand. It’s simple: When people see your company in a positive light, they are more likely to apply. In fact, some job seekers consider a company’s reputation when making employment decisions.

Stay in Touch

A strong candidate experience can improve the overall quality of hire. Maintaining consistent communication with candidates is a major factor in creating a great candidate experience. Candidates want to know what’s going on, and keeping them updated will help cultivate trust between them and the company.

Create a Strong Talent Pipeline

Talent acquisition doesn’t end when an offer is extended to a candidate. What about future openings? Do you have a backup plan in place in case the candidate doesn’t work out? This is where talent pipelines come in. Building relationships with and nurturing candidates, even if they don’t get an offer, helps prepare your business to hire ahead of demand.

Build an Onboarding Plan

Talent acquisition can become so focused on meeting the company’s present need for talent that the next steps in the process are disregarded entirely. However, preparing for what happens once a hire is made that is, onboarding is just as important as making the hire, if not more so. Employees are likely to stay with a company for more than three years after a world-class onboarding program.

In conclusion, the most helpful thing you can do to increase efficiency in your recruiting and sourcing process is to keep moving forward. The process has many moving parts, and it is bound to pose challenges from time to time. It’s important to face those challenges, learn from them, and move on.

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