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Challenges Facing Both Recruiters and Job Seekers


Most job seekers feel they alone are facing the challenges of securing a job while forgetting that recruiters are also faced with the challenges of recruiting highly skilled candidates for their clients.

There are several instances when the same job adverts are reposted because the right fit for the role hasn’t been found yet.

As a seasoned Human Resources practitioner, I have come to understand that although there are so many job seekers out there, many of them don’t have the required skills and competencies.

There is this belief by some job seekers that their Bachelors degree is sufficient for them to get a good job. Many years ago after graduating from the University the sky was indeed ones limit. This is no longer the case considering the number of graduates pouring out from our higher institutions.

Many argue that they are not getting jobs because recruiters are asking for ridiculous years of experience. It may be true that companies due to the current economic situation or stiff competition in the market do not wish to spend resources and time in training a candidate without experience. One thing though that can’t be discounted is the fact that companies now require employees who can come in and get the ball rolling immediately, like a plug & play device. We have heard of companies who have decided not to expend resources in training their staff because of the belief that they will leave to competition.

There are certain things that cant be learnt in training but rather only based on experience.

How then can job seekers gain necessary skills for their required roles?

  1. After NYSC many graduates need to brace up and find some organisations to volunteer (this means they may or may not get paid). However, while volunteering you will be gaining useful experience which will be useful when searching for a job.

Someone is thinking I need money to survive while volunteering. It is true that you will incure cost of transportation, feeding etc. during the period of volunteering, but the experience gained during this period can never be quantified. Like the saying goes no knowledge is a waste. Many people only see challenges and not opportunities and because of this they block ways and means of progressing.

The opportunity here will pave way for you to possess the right skills recruiters are looking for. It might come at a cost to you but the benefit is long term.

  1. Many experienced workers still face lack of required skills and competencies needed for them to progress higher in their chosen careers. Why is this so? Many of us forget to develop ourselves once we start working, we wait for the organization to train us and never conduct a self-evaluation so as to determine areas that require re-tooling.
  2. The hunger for certifications has become worrisome and may have become prone to abuse. You see many people wanting to acquire certification at all cost because of the belief that the more certifications on your CV the more likely you get interviewed.

It is good to get certifications when it applies to your core competence as it makes you better in what you do. As a trainer, I have seen people request for trainings only to pass the certification exams, they are not interested in trainings that will help them understand the practicality of what will help them do their work. Some have gone for several trainings and they have certification you can only dream of having but they still can’t get another job. This is because many people go for training just to add more titles to their name or just to impress a recruiter. When asked to describe a situation where they have used what was learnt at the training they can’t say anything.

When attending training programs, ensure you have an objective for taking the training. Make sure it is related to your skills except when you are thinking of a career change. Remember when you are an experienced candidate; it requires a combination of different factors to get you your dream job. These factors are experience, achievements in previous roles, required skills for the job, interpersonal skills, managerial skills, education, exposure, confidence and potential value you can add to the organization.

The next time someone tells you there are no jobs ask them if they have the required skills.

  1. Hiring managers are too picky with what they want

Another problem recruiters face is dealing with organizations who don’t understand that the search for the right fit is a collaborative process. Many companies ask recruiters to employ candidates for a role; recruiters send them the Job description and ask for specific details of the type of candidates they are looking for. The recruiter searches for candidates that meet the requirements of the organization, then the organization starts delaying on conducting the final interview or employing the candidate(s). To these shortlisted candidates, their impression of the recruiting company is that of unorganized, unprofessional and not to be dealt with. Sometimes you never hear from the organization again, other times they give you the lamest excuse.

Sometimes ago a recruiting company was asked to recruit an intern, the company claimed it was needed urgently and so the recruiting company got to work immediately. They shortlisted the candidates and the company were supposed to conduct a phone interview for shortlisted Candidates. It took the organization 3weeks to conduct the phone interview, it took another 4weeks to select the candidate they wanted for the intern position. After final selection, the candidate chosen was asked when she could start and was told she will be contacted on when to pick her offer letter. Few days to when she should be starting work, she gets a message from the CEO of the company telling her they won’t be going along with the offer because they are unable to make room for her in the office building.

You are left to wonder, if this was unknown to them when they requested for an intern position and what impression the candidate will have about the recruiting company.

The above challenge is also faced by HR departments of various organizations.

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