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Attracting top talent by building a strong brand


Employer branding plays a major role in today’s recruitment process and enhances a company’s ability to attract the right talent. As work and everyday life are becoming increasingly intertwined, cultural fit is becoming more important than ever for professionals seeking new roles. Candidates are increasingly selective when looking for an employer and they choose their new employer in a similar way a consumer chooses a product. At the same time, employers face bigger challenges in attracting the right mix of talent. Whether they’re struggling with skill shortages in specific job segments or having to deal with a high volume of applicants, the right employer brand provides a vital filter in talent acquisition.

Creating a benefits package that appeals to workers on an individual level is a good start, but companies also need to focus on their brand image if they want to hold on to their best staff.

Tips on building a strong brand

With employer branding playing such a vital role in talent retention and attraction, how can companies make sure they are communicating their brand effectively?

Be Active on Social Media: Taking part in group discussion on social media offers employers the chance to control the brand building awareness in the process. Establishing yourself as a thought leader on issues that are pertinent to your business.

Demonstrate your Culture: Any company can talk about the great company culture they encourage, but actually showing it in progress will be much more compelling. So post blogs featuring photos and videos to make sure prospective staff are aware of the initiatives you have in place.

Take a Holistic Approach to Involvement: You should be aiming to make current employees brand ambassadors, as this will help to show that your company practices what it preaches. Ask everyone to be involved in creating brand values.

Companies cannot afford to develop a bad reputation if they want to implement a successful brand strategy, so advocacy really is key. No one wants to lose out on talent over perceptions, especially if they are way off the mark, so a truly inclusive top-down approach can make sure business show themselves off in the right light.

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