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Attracting the best talent and keeping them engaged


What talent management strategies do you use to attract, engage and retain employees? Attracting the best talent and keeping them engaged doesn’t just happen. Talent management and employee retention are critical to the success of an organization. Without a focus and an understanding of people, behaviours, and what engagement and rewards strategies work best for your culture, attracting the right talent and reducing turnover can be even more difficult.

People decide to switch jobs for reasons. Attracting new employee to your workforce is a good thing, but a constant turnover is detrimental to performance, morale, and overall sustainability. Some reasons are related to personal and life changes and completely unrelated to the job itself.

Here are some of the best practices for attracting talent and reducing turnover

Provide career navigation and personal branding strategies. Involve employees in the talent management and recruitment process as much as possible, to begin with, ask questions to find out what attracted them to your organization, what motivates them, and what keeps them engaged. Employee development is also key, it’s important to provide coaching, educational opportunities, and training programs to your workforce. By letting potential hires and employees alike know your organization will help them plan their desired path, set concrete goals, and provide support to help them achieve those goals, with this you will help attract talent and increase engagement and retention.

Hiring the right managers makes all the difference. Managers are often involved in the interview process. They are one of the first interactions a potential new hire has with the organization so it’s critical to work closely to make sure there’s a consistent open line of communication between potential new hires and those that would be their managers, working collaboratively and positively with their employees to reduce turnover.

Work to create a culture of trust. An organization with a culture of trust gets good public relations. Good public relations goes a long way toward increasing employee referrals and reducing talent acquisition costs. Organizations with higher levels of trust and transparency often have higher levels of performance. An organization with a culture of distrust is an organization destined to be doomed. To attract good talent and maintain positive employee retention make sure your organization has a culture of trust, not distrust.

Recognize good performance. No one wants to work for an organization where they go ignored. Be it financially or with some other non-monetary benefits, make sure employees are recognized when they achieve their goals and perform above and beyond. It’s important to pay attention to what motivates different employees. Not all employees prefer to be recognized for a job well done in the same ways.

Hire the right kind of employees who are both skills and culture fit. When trying to attract new talent focusing on both aspects is important to the success of the organization. By understanding your culture and interviewing, choosing the right hires in the first place, you’re setting up a relationship that will last. See Related Article

In conclusion, an organization should have a clear employee value proposition, communicate with potential new hires and employees early and often, know what they want and what you want, and what motivates them. Know your organization. Be transparent this should help you set up for a successful partnership that leads to higher performance and retention.


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