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4 Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make

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It’s not enough to go out there and search for jobs or visit different site searching for that perfect job, most times, out of desperation some job seekers tend to make mistakes that affect them on the long run, be sure to know what you are doing and how well you are doing it.

These are some mistakes Job seekers tend to make

  • Branding yourself: 

    Most job seekers don’t know their value or what they can offer and what they represent when a job seeker doesn’t have any standard or doesn’t know what he/she want or what you represent, it’s hard to convince an employer.

  • Doing the same thing:

    Some job seekers tend to get stuck in just one way of doing and can’t think of other ways to look for jobs, if a particular method isn’t working, look for other ways you can get that dream job!  Try out new career site, tweak your profile a bit on your social media handles. Just do something different. 

  • Research the employer:

    The truth is, most job seekers barely do a proper review about their potential employers and how things are done there, the assumption would only do more harm than good. Know what is acceptable and what is not and how well it suits you before going for the job.

  • Rebranding CV:

    Most job seekers tend to overlook the importance of having a good CV, Your CV is your selling point and should be a reflection and detailed information of you and your achievements so far, it should be attractive and captivating. If as a job seeker you still have a certain pattern of CV and nothing has changed, then it is time to rebrand your CV.

In summary, know your worth and try a different method if what you are doing isn’t getting the right job to you, then make a proper research about an employer before going for an interview. Rebrand your CV if need be (check our CV Packages).

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